Honolulu Travel Guide

SPORTS. I. Surfboard riding is the national pastime. Instructors can be hired by the hour. Water skiing is popular. Outrigger canoeing and catamaran (twin-hulled craft) sailing is also popular. You can charter boats to sail yourself or take one of the regular charter-boat trips. For deep-sea fishing, boats may be chartered; the fishing is sensational. You can learn to spear fish off the reefs. Besides the courts at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, there are tennis courts open to the public at Ala Moana Park along the sea. Racquets may also be rented. You can hike in Hawaii’s wonderful mountains by joining the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club. Hawaii’s hunting includes pheasant, quail, pigs, deer and goats. Goat hunting is the only sport available the entire year. There are many bowling alleys. For those who prefer archery, targets are always standing in Kapiolani Park in Honolulu.

There are many good golf clubs. Your hotel manager can arrange a guest card for you. Walalae Golf Club is a championship course where the annual Hawaiian opens are held some years. Oahu Country Club is a private club used by many visitors who are invited to play by members. The Ala Wai in Waikiki and Pali are Municipal courses.

THEATER . The Honolulu Community Theater offers a year-round program of stage plays.

TIME .Two hours earlier than Pacific Standard Time.

TIPPING: About the same as in the States.

TRANSPORTATION: Modern buses, taxis. Private cars can be rented easily. Frequent airline service between islands.

WATER.-: Both water and milk are safe to drink here.

WHAT TO BUY: Hawaiian perfumes, native jams and jellies, textiles, coral jewelry, jades and Oriental goods. Among the other things you will probably want to take home are an holoku, the traditional Hawaiian gown with long train for formal wear, and a muumuu, which makes a fine house coat or hostess gown. Also Hawaiian wood crafts.

WHAT TO WEAR: Sportswear is worn on many more occasions in Hawaii than it is in the United States. Cotton dresses for women, sports shirts and slacks for men. You’ll need sweaters and topcoats for the higher altitudes of Hawaii and Kauai. Better take evening clothes along too. Dark glasses are a must.


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