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Honeymoon in hawaii packages on His debut film for the new distribu tion company, Satan’s Sadists, is regarded by many of the genre’s aficionados as the best low-budget outlaw motorcycle gang movie ever made. Shot in ten days in 1969 for $60,000, the film starred Russ Tamblyn (then suffering a post?West Side Story career slump) as the drug-taking psychopathic biker, Anchor, who rapes and kills anyone who gets in his path. The film’s publicity cashed in on the hysteria surrounding the Charles Manson Family infamy by loudly declaring on its posters, filmed on the actual locations where the Tate murder suspects lived their wild experiences… Satan’s Sadists ulti mately grossed between $15 million to $20 million world-wide in drive-ins, theatres, and video sales. During the shoot, Adamson met Regina Carrol, a buxom blonde who played the film’s freak-out girl. Honeymoon in hawaii packages 2016.

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