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Honeymoon destinations on S. social scientist: developer of the frustration-aggression hypothesis; also known for his work (with Neal E. Miller) on the importance of imitation in social behavior and learning. Durkheim, Emile (1858-1917) French sociologist: known especially for his theories of suicide and schematic categorization encompassing four types egoistic (resulting from abject loneliness), altruistic (self-sacrifice to save others), anomic (resulting from social adversity), and fatalistic (resulting from excessive social regulation). Ebbinghaus, Hermann (1850-1909) German psychologist: a pioneer in the application of quantitative methods of psychophysics to the study of higher mental processes and in establishing experimental psychology as a scientific discipline. Erickson, Milton Hyland (1901-1980) U.S. Honeymoon destinations 2016.

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