Holidays In Spain

Spaniards celebrate many holidays. One special holiday is called the Fiesta de San Fermin (fee-YES-tah day SAN fer-MEEN), or “the Festival of Saint Fermin.” Thousands of people come to the city of Pamplona every year to celebrate this holiday. Every morning from July 7 to 14, bulls are released to run in the streets of the city. Some people even try to run with the bulls!

Spain is a country known for its sunny weather, rolling lands, and happy people. Maybe one day you will travel to Spain’s beautiful mountains. Or perhaps you will watch a bullfight in an old Spanish town. Or maybe you will sample a huge dish of paella. Whatever you do, Spain is sure to keep you busy!

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S At out Spain

Area: 194,897 square miles (504,782 square kilometers) about twice the size of Oregon

Population: More than 40 million people

Capital City: Madrid

Other Important Cities: Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Saragossa, and Malaga

Money: The euro. On January 1, 2002, the euro became the only money used in daily business for countries that are members of the European Monetary Union.

National Languages: Spanish; Catalan, Galician, and Basque are official in their regions

National Holiday: National Day on October 12 (1492)

National Flag: Two stripes of red with a yellow stripe between them. The national coat of arms was added in 1981. It appears in the middle of Spain’s flag.

Head of Government: The prime minister of Spain.

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