Holiday in Morocco

CURRENCY : In Morocco, the monetary unit is the Moroccan franc, equal to the French franc, with an official rate of 350 francs to the dollar. Money can be legally exchanged at the Banque d’Etat du Maroc, at the American Express offices, and in most hotels. In Tangier, all currencies are accepted at local daily rate and can be exchanged freely at all banks and exchange offices.

CUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS : You may bring 1 carton of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 1 pound of tobacco in your luggage duty free. 1 opened bottle of liquor, only 100 French francs, no larger bills than $20. You need a passport, but no visa. Smallpox vaccination, cholera certificates if coming from infected area.

DRUG STORES : All French drugs and a few American and English drugs are available in Morocco.

ELECTRIC CURRENT : U.S. electric appliances can be utilized in Morocco merely by using a converter plug. This converter fits in the European electrical outlets and the U.S.-type cord can be plugged into the converter.

FAUNA , : Up in the Atlas Mountains wild boar. In the south, gazelle, Moroccan fox, hyena.

FLORA :All European trees and plants, plus palm and date trees. Around the town of Agadir, in the south, grow the argan trees, to be found in only two places in the world: here and in Chile.

FOOD : Famous French food available in all restaurants throughout the country. Native food can be eaten at certain restaurants (inquire at your hotel see also restaurants). Of course, the best native food to be had is when you are invited by a Moroccan family. The principal dishes are mechoui (whole roasted mutton), pastilla (salted pie containing mutton, eggs, pigeon, chicken, vegetables and typical Moroccan spices), couscous (semolina, mixed with mutton, chicken, all kinds of vegetables, hard peas and cooked raisins, in onion sauce). Moroccan pastries are excellent and sweet. Moroccans drink very hot, sweet mint tea with their meals. Their bread is round, flat, with very little crust, and is eaten warm.

GAMBLING : The only gambling place in Morocco is the new Casino of Marrakech, open during the season, November-May 30.


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