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Ah look who decided to join us mr. sleepy Inara currently having some brekkie, I’m not focusing quite derogate guys, I’m pretty sure we’re going to need to get ourselves a set of these when we get back to Perth honestly if it’s the one tip we give you when coming to Greece is just hi the ATVs.

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Because we have the issue in Mykonos without cars not being able to get to our villa we literally just didn’t use the car it’s almost like you want to pay for the transfers back, and forth between your hotel which a lot of places in Greece will actually do it for free which is good, and then just find an ATV rental you just need a phone around that will just pick you up on the hotel nice then we’ll do it sorry funds are cool yeah man yeah, and they’re like maybe 25 euros a day I found three places to go check out yes very sedum I feel like Paris is like chill like it’s like a little town the beaches yeah way less busier than making awesome Santorini you come here for beaches, and just relax. But first for food, and some coffee I think today we’re going to go drive around to the different towns I think just pointed out like maybe tourism with number two second biggest one yeah noosa now sir, I’m sure Sophie you’ll let us know how we’re pronouncing it for this place of tude we’re right next to a harbour it’s so nice not having. So many tourists here they’re alive right yeah what I do good is that everyone going to eat by the harbour. So I can actually see there’s all the restaurants on the side, and then all the little fishing boats are hard to cross the route is actually such a nice area there’s so many cute cafes, and I see there’s like some streets we want to go explore. But this place on the end had some like nice to your foots we’re going to go there hang on a snack see see before we eat I need to show them something super advertising either bag. So we’re just looking around trying to choose what we want to eat, and um we come across some delicious dried out of triple senticles young Samantha yes please it looks very good thank you is that Greek yogurt yeah oh Claire look sorry Cyclops a. So it is time for a bit of an explore around noosa uncle, I’m sticking with new stuff we’ll find out in a few weeks time when this blog goes live.

But really reminds me of making us all Tyler it’s really cute just thing making this whole town with none of the crowd quiet I cannot include we just what we do the street, and clear stop, and said the beach is just there you’re going to go check it out wow this is such a beautiful photo spot I feel like Paris reminds me more of Mamma Mia just. Because it’s a small rundown it’s more lived-in, and you know in the movie half of the villas falling to pieces. But lands are like the 20-30 minutes we’ve been exploring this this noosa area it is very beautiful too highly recommend you guys come here they’re all clothes shopping. But this is not the coolest change room you’ve ever seen I love it, and the clothes are actually pretty pretty cool think it’s all handmade right right all right yeah right guys we came down this crazy long hill to check out oh here we go now we’re going to get that call seriously guys we decided to achieve on the ATVs we pretty much have a we pretty much ordered wait oh my gosh you will have to walk up this entire Hill damn it I think we’ve hired the equivalent of a lawn mower as an engine for these ATVs we decided to come down to check out the ocean cause it’s so beautiful, and I think we’re stucked on the bottom. But they just left me it’s literally like a kilometer walk back up oh definitely worth it though. Because this view is amazing. But oh there is where we put the Morneau uh-huh already tired really yeah it was feel good by yourself well here we go do you think it’s even gonna be able to get us in it’s already kind of it ah it was way further yes I don’t think you remember not on walking on Sodor.

Because it later on ready to party we just drove all the way around to the bottom of the island through forests on entire loop it’s a really small island took us like maybe 30 45 minutes time to place called Rios which is on the coast, and we’re just kind of going for a bit of an explore very much like a beach town, and these cicadas on paradise are everywhere all right as we literally just drove all around the island. But we had to come back to our hotel. So at a super important date with this guy you guys I am seriously going to miss Greece so much tomorrow is our last day here, and it is so beautiful, I’m currently reading the sunset on our balcony, and just look how beautiful it is her thing is tomorrow’s our last day we realize we’ve never actually had a beach day. So tomorrow we are going to have the what’s the work for like um like yeah ultimate holiday mode kind of day where I want to go to the beach, and get a cocktail I want to launch by the ocean get a turn, and all that things it’s her last day he enjoyed yourself in Greece I love it this is like up there now top five places you look. So tan Heidi D the entire day like, I’m sure were a teacher Han oh I wish I could turn like you can I got this bougie oh hey that probably makes me look at Japan yeah really super yeah you really show them hey it was gold yeah it’s like matte gold it’s really nice my nails are growing out now Oh Ian is mine honeymoon starts in three days time Oh exciting we haven’t told them what we’re doing will tell you guys in tomorrow’s long yeah which are you guys over guys my honeymoon listen up a time guys you need to come here just look how cute, and are my gosh if this camera can pick up smell it smells insane in here morning Bobby, and we’re getting coffee it is josephus like for coffee chocolate croissants whole things like all free dessert Oh thank you Oh kind of sad day today. Because it’s our last day here in Greece we woke up nice, and early, and we decided a bit of a sunrise walk I think we found the most beautiful spot in Paris hello this area is another little hidden spot in yourself now yeah very cool it reminds me of Little Venice in you cannot it is, and just some I don’t know if these are people’s houses I think, and I think the hotels today we have to like take it all in.

Because it’s our last angry we’ve already started planning next year two degrees we’re too obsessed yeah this is such a beautiful little spot there’s a little lagoons, and people are sleeping cafes haven’t woken up yet. Because it’s too early then there’s also a little church up there this is not, and we found an amazing cafe that has really good Wi-Fi which means we can get posts up yes that was also a plasterer today by the way when this cafe opens this has to be the best seat in the house like just enjoying a coffee reading the sunset I think we have to come back here I think these guys these cool cats I found a new who I have around tides not too high some back entrances of Paris I still can’t get over this area it’s so beautiful this is a little bit of a harbour doesn’t smell too fishy to be honest. So you can come down here comfortably have a nice coffee or breakfast. But I have been really diggin perros think we chose really good islands Mykonos Santorini, and Paris if you guys come to Greece in half three weeks or even two weeks come to these islands I think they’re so beautiful. But ISKCON. So many more islands to explore. But I give the Paris the thumbs up for you guys oh just serve two selves up a little bit of breakfast Oh a great one oh thank you Jesse sad the last time you having Greek yogurt my dream so much for hearing it today I need my creature your face last day okay we’re going to go, and spend a lot of pain Greece at the beach we found a beach when you’re like a kilometer away we’re going to hire some chairs hire an umbrella, and literally spend the whole days Beach and, I’m very sad about it beach day beach day we’re having a beach day be sir beach day we gotta have a beach day it’s in the song they say these days bring up the song Thank You first kitty clear I got your present what thank you they have some fun we’ve come down to the beach for our beach day it’s really pretty, and out there you can see the town it’s a really cool spot well I remember name of the beach.

So we’ll name it here just in case you want to come check it out with the code yeah start of it okay. So I think we’re going to think here build some sand castles annum then go for a little swim II feel this water whoo it’s a little bit refreshing ie little bit cold you’re chillin you look like you’re on vacay look at the view this is what we’re talking now this is actually a really beautiful beach. Because you got nor off not note Musa just behind you can kind of see the little church which we flew the drone over just over there you can rent these little paddle boards, and then here’s the rest of the beach yeah. So then everyone’s got like little huts, and stuff it’s really cool I think after you’ve been in the water for a little bit it’s not a little bit chilly a person’s good a little, and some.

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