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Holguin Travel on The north and south briefly reunited in 1815 until the southern provinces again broke free and took the name Belgium. In the Middle Ages, the southern provinces of Flanders and Brabant were among the most dynamic areas in the western world. Towns such as Bruges, Ypres, and Ghent pioneered the techniques of early industry and the area was a major exporter of luxury textiles, practically Europe’s only industry. Those seeking work flocked to the towns, and the area was the most heavily urbanized in Europe outside of northern Italy. The textile industry formed an important trading link to the rest of Europe. In the 12th and 13th centuries, the Flemish established outlets in northern Italy and became important merchants at the great international fairs. Shortly thereafter, many of the Flemish textile towns joined the Hanseatic League. Holguin Travel 2016.

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