Ho Chi Minh City Map

Ho Chi Minh City Map on Since this is never a matter of absolutes, there is perhaps a certain feel involved, but nothing a little patience can’t solve. For example, at the moment prices broke away in bar T (tease) , the smaller w (5-T) still hung rather thinly next to its bigger W brother ( 1 -5). But when bar 6 showed up, the two extra bars had built up the tension more harmoniously. If for some reason the break above bar 6 was declined, there was another chance to hop on, on the break of bar 7 . Even though the box breakout may have been tradable, we can tell by the slope of the average on the far left that the Ww-pattern had only just begun to defy the bearish dominance. This meant that the conditions were not optimal in regard to the bull-side potential. Also, in situations like this, it is very common for the round number to initially work as a favorable magnet, only to then turn upon the trade. Ho Chi Minh City Map 2016.

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