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Hiiu Travel on Then as the immigrants glance around them, they see the heavily armed Border Police on the Western Wall plaza, more police at the entrance, and army sharpshooters on the roofs of the Jewish Quarter. As several families from Kiev walk past me, I overhear a woman asking her husband in hushed tones: Alex, do you think it’s safe here? For now they choose just to watch, not to pray. It is ironic that new Jewish settlers seem more secure in the towns they are helping to build and expand in the occupied West Bank places like Ariel, north of Jerusalem. The countryside is lovely, like everyone’s imaginary landscape of the Middle East: Olive groves rustling in the hot wind, barefoot Arab boys with sticks herding sheep, old men riding tiny donkeys, women carrying burdens of straw on their heads. But as one drives through venerable Palestinian towns like Ram Allah, there is palpable misery You don’t want to take any chances with your dog’s health. Since he can’t tell you how he feels, you must keep a sharp lookout to be sure he’s feeling his best. Very soon after you get your dog you should have a veterinarian give him a thorough checkup (see page 23 to bring him up-to-date on the shots so necessary to every dog’s good health. Hiiu Travel 2016.

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