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Heredia Travel on The multiple boundaries that circumscribe and cross the zones and other anomalous spaces analyzed in this chapter are pro- foundly enmeshed in these processes. From the point of view of border as method, we have approached them as crystallizations of the tensions, conflicts, and struggles that invest the emerging articulations of the frontiers of capital and territorial borders. In this way, we have attempted to provide material illustrations of the workings of what we call the sovereign machine of governmentality. Although there is a widespread tendency in the literature concerning the contemporary forms of primitive accumulation to treat dispossession and exploitation as counterposed practices (Harvey 2003), the boundaries we investigate tend to work as devices to articulate these two terms or moments of capital’s operations. In the experiences, practices, and struggles of mobile subjects living and working in and across zones, corridors, and other postdevelopmental geographies, such articulation becomes visible. PRODUCING SUBJECTS Stakhanov and Us Whatever happened to the concept of exploitation? There was a time in the not too distant past when labor politics drew its strength and energy from the reality of exploitation in the workplace. It was the age of the industrial worker in which the search for the hidden abode of production veiled by markets and contracts promised to unleash a revolutionary class struggle. Heredia Travel 2016.

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