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Herat Travel on Whereas kinesis (motion) is the arduous process of acquiring actuality, energeia is the unimpeded flow of activity which is possible once actuality has been acquired. A mass of metal is potentially a machine. When the machine is built it already has its proper eidos. But only when it is running is it in full actuality, only then does it in the strict sense exist in energeia. As pure actuality therefore God, though exempt from motion (kinesis), is eternally active with an activity that brings no fatigue but is for ever enjoyable. Thus the conception of God as unmoved (or unchanging) and as pure form, unsatisfactory as it remains, for several reasons, to the religious mind, is not quite so cold and static as it appears at first sight. The essential quality of God is life, the best of all lives lived eternally without fatigue. Herat Travel 2016.

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