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Helwan Travel on Seeing the origins of religion in superstition and magic, he posited some form of fetishism as its earliest manifestation, and derived from this in their turn animal worship with the worship of trees, mountains and springs, the worship of the heavenly bodies and a more or less personified Nature, and later still the whole pantheon of gods in human form. Fetishism was also put forward as one of the original forms of religion in the theory of the Frenchman Charles de Brosses, whose Du Culte des Dieux Fetiches was published in : 760. This theory was not taken up again until the middle years of the nineteenth century. In the intervening period the tendency of religious historians was governed by other discoveries and they worked by other methods, which directed their attention for the time being to more highly developed stages of culture. This new turn of the wheel was occasioned by advances in the 1 Herder, 1744-1803; Heyne, 1729-1812. science of linguistics. It is sometimes said that the history of religion, as a science, was born in the early years of the nineteenth century. Helwan Travel 2016.

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