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Heilongjiang Travel on Folsom, Jr., John Jacob Astor and the Fur Trade: Testing the Role of Government The Freeman (v.47/6, 1997); www.libertyhaven.com; John Denis Haeger, John Jacob Astor: Business and Finance in the Early Republic (Wayne State University Press, 1991); Axel Madsen, John Jacob Astor: America’s First Multimillionaire (John Wiley & Sons, 2002). JOHN H. BARNHILL, PH. Heilongjiang Travel 2016.

Socioeconomic status SES provides a developmental niche for parent-child relations just as racial and ethnic backgrounds do. Three factors parents occupation, education, and level of income make up SES. Although income at or below the poverty level affects parenting see the next section, income closer to the average appears less influential in shaping parenting beliefs than do education and occupational status. The influence of social status, like that of culture, is not fixed because education, occupation, and income can all change. Summarizing the research on the influence of SES on parenting, Erika Hoff, Brett Laursen, and Twila Tardif state that higher SES parents are more likely than lower SES parents to have a child-centered orientation to parenting.

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