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Hawaiian islands on If the market that WAS has been selling is down consistently for a few days, the selling pressure should be rode as you short the highs. The reverse is also true as a climbing WAS market would be providing good profits by going long on the bottoms. The WAS market really determines your aggression as each day brings the same indications and enables you to increase share size and ride the flow of consistency. When the market begins to change dramatically, traders become defensive, backing away from trading, and we see less potential in our trades. When traders become confused, the market will begin to get less volume, and fewer swings will occur with the momentum stocks. The basic truth of market dynamics is that with sufficient movement, you will see increased selling pressure as stocks and markets climb, and as stocks and markets fall, buying pressure will increase. Daytraders feed on the movements that are sufficient to create potential between the highs and lows as stocks trade each day. Hawaiian islands 2016.

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