Hawaiian holiday

Hawaiian holiday on Kato Kaelin: The Whole Truth, the Real Story of O.J., Nicole, and Kato from the Actual Tapes. New York: Harper, 1995. Fuhrman, Mark. Murder in Brentwood. Washington, DC: Regnery, 1997. Hawaiian holiday 2016.

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The agent arrived with bags of mail, a fresh-water barge pulled alongside to replenish our tanks, a bunker barge tied up astern for the engineers to take on fuel, the bosun had the ABs swing the derricks over to the water-side of the ship so the shore cranes weren’t impeded. The agent provided the New Zealand dollars that had been ordered; off duty officers and crew alike queued up outside the chief steward’s cabin to collect theirs. I collected the clock raffle money and paid out the prizes to the lucky winners. One was Tessa, who gave me an appreciative kiss that lasted too long, the other winner was an AB who shook my hand, thankfully. The Old Man was given several blogs of gate passes to allow us to bring guests on board.

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