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Hawaiian adventures on Granted, the double-pressure response to the break of bar 1 6 may have been totally over the top, but the fat 08:00-09 :00 buildup most certainly justified a 20 pip target in the generally voluminous environment of the early UK Figure 8 . 1 4 Session overview: Let’s conclude our recap series with another fine example of what a little patience can do for your bottom line. It also shows the impact a brief bout of one-sided aggression can have on the rest of the session ( 1 -2). Once this bull swing was put in, with not a bear in sight, all the market did, or could do, was range between the high and the halfway mark of it. Points of interest: Even well before anything tradable shows up, we can usually form ourselves a pretty good idea on the themes of the upcoming battles. For example, we have witnessed time and time again that when a round number gets broken without any sign of protest, it will remain a strong magnet for as long as it hasn’t been tested back. Another thing we can almost be sure of is that when a pullback comes to challenge a trending move, plenty of parties will aim to pick up position around the halfway mark. Hawaiian adventures 2016.

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