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Hawaii vacations cheap on Do realize that both traders scored the exact same points per week for 48 weeks straight; they may even have taken the very same trades and managed them the exactly same. In other words, the huge difference in bottom line is solely a consequence of accounting. Of course, somewhere down the line, Trader A, in the face of his steadily growing account, will surely have increased his volume per trade. But then again, it is certainly not uncommon for a profitable trader to remain stuck on the same volume for many months on end, for example when trading the futures markets (it’s quite a step to go from 1 to 2 contracts) , or when habitually pulling out monthly earnings to cover living expenses. Necessities and preferences aside, it is plain to see that the ideal situation is to run a trading account purely for trading purposes, without taking anything out for as long as possible. This way, even a small account can prosper pleasantly over time. It is interesting to note also that if both traders had managed to take out not 2 . Hawaii vacations cheap 2016.

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