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Hawaii vacation islands on For exiting purposes, the market order is an option, too, but this would require a constant tracking of the open position and there is always the possibility of a connection failure to consider. More user-friendly and safer also is to use the bracket order option. As the name suggests, the bracket encloses an open position by having both a target and a stop automatically attached to the level of entry. Both sides of the bracket can be set to any desirable distance and each will close out the position when hit. A nice feature of this order type is that when one side gets hit, the pending order at the other end instantaneously gets cancelled. Hence the bracket also being referred to as an OCO (one-cancels-other) . Following are the suggested settings for a standard bracket on the eurjusd 5-minute in accordance with the trading method to be discussed in the next chapter. Hawaii vacation islands 2016.

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