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Hawaii vacation guide on The friendship remained strong even after Mackaye married song-and-dance man Ray Raymond, then her castmate in the Big Apple production of Blue Eyes in 1921. Ironically, prior to leaving the New York stage to try his hand in Hollywood, Kelly appeared in a stage production that strangely presaged the impending tragedy. In August 1925, the actor portrayed Charlie Watts in The Sea Woman. The character, a combination rum runner and lady killer, conspires with a woman to deceive another man. In early 1926, Kelly arrived in Hollywood to appear in the feature film, The New Klondike. The athletic actor next appeared in the 1927 baseball film Slide, Kelly, Slide, though not in the title role. That Kelly was actor William Haines whose career would abruptly end in 1936 amid a homosexual scandal. Hawaii vacation guide 2016.

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