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Hawaii trip deals on The 29-year-old actor had just finished appearing as Bob Barton the title character’s alter ego in the 1943 Republic serial, The Masked Marvel, when he died under mysterious circumstances in the Venice section of Los Angeles on September 12, 1943. A witness saw the British car Bacon was driving weave across Washington Boulevard near Thatcher Avenue, jump a curb, and stop in a beanfield. Another witness rushed to the scene and found Bacon, clad only in denim shorts, lying on the ground between two bean stacks kicking and squirming from a 6-inch deep stab wound in his back. The good Samaritan pulled a sweater from the car and placed it beneath the dying man’s head as a pillow. The actor died at the scene unable to identify his killer. The police investigation revealed that Bacon kept a personal telephone book filled with encrypted notes and phone numbers. Since late August 1930 the actor had been paying rent on a small apartment about a mile from the Hollywood Hills home he shared with his pregnant wife, former concert singer Greta Keller. Hawaii trip deals 2016.

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