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Hawaii travel site on Points of interest: Flag progression 2-3 may have hung bullishly from its pole 1 -2 , the breakout in bar 4 (or above it) was a poisonous one, to be avoided at all cost. The main reason is found in the starting point of the flagpole. Swinging aggressively up from well below the 2 5ema, this bullish charge clearly was in disrespect of the foregoing pressure (bull swing starting from a bear low) . This doesn’t take away from the bullish feat itself, but it does tend to compromise the continuation prospects. Even if the 3-4 bull-flag had set up in a better technical fashion, that would hardly have improved the odds for follow-through on its break. Poor odds on a break in one direction do not necessarily imply high odds on a break in the other. Trading breaks for failure is a practice best applied in trending conditions with the overall consensus visibly lined up in favor of the trade. Hawaii travel site 2016.

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