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Hawaii travel information on became a co-owner of Reprographics, a graphic arts firm in Seattle, even married and fathered a son to whom he was utterly devoted. Active in the Seattle music scene, Struebing used Reprographics to produce fliers for up and coming area metal bands. As recently as October 2004, N.M.E. was doing gigs in Tacoma and Seattle. Though at the time he refused to discuss the murder and his imprisonment, the guitarist had apparently turned his life around and was well-liked and respected. Hawaii travel information 2016.

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The Maoris put up a good fight, but it was hopelessly one-sided, spears and clubs against a modern army, and they were gunned into submission. As more and more Europeans packed into the country, Maori control and influence declined, and, like dispossessed peoples all over the world, the spirit dropped out of them and they fell into alcohol and self-pity. The Maoris were abused by the white settlers for over 100 years, although by the 1970s they were being treated with more respect, even though they existed mostly on the fringes of society, carried the main burden of social ills and were involved in a disproportionate amount of crime. Europeans, mainly of British stock, formed the major part of the population of New Zealand; the Maoris comprised less than 15 per cent. A couple of the Benstac crew had gone into a bar in town that was mostly frequented by people from the lower fringe of life: pimps, pushers, muggers, thieves and general bad types.

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