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Hawaii travel destinations on We will have a look at this in the following section on the reversal exit. Before delving into the technical specifics of the resistance exit, let us first agree on a reasonable threshold beyond which this technique becomes applicable. It makes sense to employ a minimum objective in order to at least make the wager worth our while. When the 20 pip target is standard, how about, say, 1 4 pip. Of course, any trader can lower this threshold at his own discretion, but I would advice not to go below 1 0 pip, so as to at least maintain an acceptable risk/ reward ratio of 1 : 1 (when trading with a 1 0 pip stop) . Thus for now, if the perceived level of obstruction resides at a distance that would yield a profit of less than 1 4 pip-but let’s not split hairs-we simply skip the trade. 148 Chapter 6 Manual Exits – Resistance Exit At all costs, do avoid entering into the habit of spontaneously lowering the bar on the target side of the bracket. Hawaii travel destinations 2016.

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