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At least he was in good company, for both Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton had found their cars to handle more like boats and would start 15th and 17th.

The home crowd went wild when qualifying was over, for Rubens Barrichello had given his title challenge a gargantuan fillip by hurling his Brawn around fastest. He knew that nothing less than victory would do in front of his fans.

On race day, though, it wasn’t his dream that would come true, but Button’s, and this wasn’t without a magnificent, aggressive drive from the Englishman, fighting his way up to fifth with a drive that silenced his army of critics who’d been saying that he had lost his bottle as he found the Brawn no longer to be the best car.

The first corner, with its blind entry and steep drop away always provides fireworks, and many felt that Button was a prime candidate to get caught up in them. This time, the drivers behaved, until Turn 2 where Vettel pitched Kovalainen’s McLaren into a spin, putting Giancarlo Fisichella’s Ferrari onto the grass.

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