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Hawaii to do on Note: When putting in pattern boundary that spans at least several hours, it is easy to plot it slightly off, particularly when the highs or lows of relevance do not line up so neatly. Always try to get in as many Understanding Price Aaion touches as possible and then extend the line well beyond the current bar in progress. Should the line maintain its value for an even longer period, just extend it some more. At times, you may have to adjust it a little along the way in order to find a better alignment with the follow-up action.

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If your pattern line has become invalid or redundant, erase it to keep the chart clean, but do not do so immediately when prices break away: the extension of the line could still play a role in a pullback situation. (Will be taken up in Chapter 5 .) Since we shouldn't have been looking to short this chart, there was no real reason to put in the horizontal line here.

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