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Hawaii package on The pair’s relationship reached a crisis on April 24, 1930, at Palmer’s hillside bungalow at 2337 Glenneyre Street in Laguna Beach. Ritchie was visiting her friend when she learned that Palmer had been invited to a luncheon and she had not. Ritchie insisted on attending, but Palmer was equally adamant that she was not invited, and angrily turning her back on the former actress, walked down a hallway leading to the garage. Ritchie pulled a nickel plated, pearl-handled .32- caliber revolver from her purse and shot the 35- year-old woman once in the back (the bullet Reilly 250 entering under the left shoulder blade and piercing the heart) and once at close range in the back of the head. According to the police reconstruction of the crime, Ritchie then spent the next two hours driving around the community trying to decide upon a course of action. Finally, she returned to the crime scene and moved Palmer’s body to a room adjoining the living room. Hawaii package 2016.

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