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LOCATION: The Hawaiian Islands lie approximately 2,100 miles southwest of San Francisco, a distance about equal to that between San Francisco and New York. Honolulu is about the same distance north of the equator as Havana, Cuba.

CHARACTERISTICS : Wonderful beaches, tropical flowers, hula dancers and flower leis are part of the fiber of the Hawaiian Islands. Here you have the additional delight of being on home territory yet finding it as different as anything you have ever imagined. You can swim at the perfect beaches, luxuriate at wonderful hotels, go deep-sea fishing, learn to ride a surfboard, and enjoy the wonderful climate. It’s a romantic spot, ideal for a vacation.

POPULATION : 499,794, of which 230,485 live in Honolulu, a city almost as large as Miami.

SIZE. I. The area of the island group is 6,441 square miles, of which the largest island, Hawaii, is over 4,000 square miles, approximately the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island together. Oahu is 40 miles long and 26 wide.

CAPITAL : Honolulu.

GOVERNMENT: As a territory, Hawaii has its own legislature of 15 Senators and 30 Representatives elected by the various counties, a Governor appointed by the President, and a non-voting delegate in Congress.


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