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Hawaii for vacation on The track peaked at Number 10 in January 1961. Near the end of 1960, Spector met Ahmet Ertegun, co-founder of Atlantic Records, who was so impressed with the 21 year old that he offered him a job as his personal assistant and staff producer at the R&B label. Leiber and Stoller felt understandably betrayed by Spector’s lack of loyalty to them, but were unable to block his departure when informed by the producer that his contract with Trio Music was invalid he was underaged when he signed it. The brash producer was un – liked by colleagues at Atlantic and his brief tenure there failed to produce any hits. The Atlantic experience, however, did provide Spector with the opportunity to further develop his signature sound by the use of echo and the radical place – ment of microphones in the studio. Of note, Spec tor began seeing a psychiatrist in 1960 and continued to do so for the rest of his life. Realizing he was not a great songwriter and needed strong material to perform his magic in the studio, Spector sought out Don Kirshner, president of New York City?based Aldon Music, and a man re – nowned in the industry as possessing an ear that could immediately determine if a song had hit potential. Hawaii for vacation 2016.

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