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Hawaii destinations on And not uninteresting either, should the barrier level prove too hard to crack, the current profits on the trade provide reasonable cushioning for the position to be scratched with minimal damage, or even for a profit still. (Intervention tactics will be taken up in Chapter 6.) In earlier discussions we came to regard the pullback to a broken barrier as a continuation setup ( 1 3- 1 4) . But we also addressed the fact that, particularly in a tease break scenario, the pullback is not necessarily halted by the barrier level itself; prices are often seen to break back into the pattern to put in a ceiling test of sorts. Regardless of whether a tease break correction remains outside of a broken pattern or travels back in, things usually do not differ much when it comes to assessing a pullback reversal or pattern break pullback setup. In all cases we have to monitor the behavior of the pullback, the amount of retracement, the harmony aspect and the potential level for a ceiling test bounce. And in all cases we have to locate a crucial bar from which break to play the reversal. Hawaii destinations 2016.

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