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Hawaii deals on Terman, Lewis Madison (1877-1956) U.S. psychologist: responsible for the validation of the Binet scales (see Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale) and for the construction of the Army intelligence tests of World War I; also known for initiating (in the 1920s) a longitudinal study of some 1,500 gifted children. Thibaut, John W. (1917-1986) U.S. social psychologist: developer of social exchange theory; proposed that the benefits derived from taking account of the broader context of behavior underlie the existence of such values as altruism, competitiveness, and fairness. Hawaii deals 2016.

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Some would have no one up at all. Not us on the Benlawers, though, we kept full duties, fully uniformed, for the whole duration. The days dragged, time slowed. I lay on the monkey island atop the bridge in the afternoons and read, roasting myself under the African sun, falling asleep and waking up burnt. We drank cold beer when we weren’t working and swapped tales and watched the time drag past.

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