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Hawaii best vacation spots on S. social psychologist: known for his formulation of attribution theory; conducted pioneering research on communication, persuasion, the social psychology of groups, and interpersonal relations. Kinsey, Alfred (1894-1956) U.S. zoologist and sex researcher: an influential researcher on human sexual behavior; presented the first statistical data on a large range of sexual behaviors in both sexes; his Kinsey (Six) Scale offered an index on a continuum from pure homosexual to pure heterosexual orientation. Klein, Melanie (1882-1960) Austrian-born British psychoanalyst: a pioneer in child analysis and the first to use play therapy as an analytic and treatment tool; her approach emphasized primal conflicts and the primary object relationship with the mother (see object relations THEORY). Klineberg, Otto (1899-1992) Canadian-born U. Hawaii best vacation spots 2016.

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