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Hawaii all inclusive honeymoon packages on In later life, the rapper pointed to his time at the school as his salvation just as he identified being forced to leave this nurturing environment as the beginning of his trouble with the law. Tupac was 17 when his family moved to Marin City, California in June 1988. Instead of being exposed to the arts, he argued with his mother, dropped out of Talmapais High School, left home, and was on the streets peddling crack and crashing with friends. Although living the thug life, Tupac continued to write poetry about the things he knew best hustling and the feelings of misery and desperation which are a day-to-day fact of ghetto life. In 1989, Tupac’s professional music career began when he was introduced to Shock- G (Greg Jacobs), leader of the Bay Area rap group Digital Underground. The next year, he toured with the group as a combination roadie and secondary rapper-dancer and debuted on the 1990 DU collection, This Is an EP Release, and the album, Sons of the P (1991). While on tour, Tupac worked on his own material and was devastated to learn his mother was once again abusing crack cocaine. Hawaii all inclusive honeymoon packages 2016.

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