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Hawaii airlines on As prices struggled in the breakout area, this formed a bearish Mm-variant on top of the barrier, so not particularly promising for the bulls. But take specific note of the response to the break below it: instead of bulls jumping out, new bulls stepped in on a ceiling test with the 1 -2 element on the left (3-4). As we have already witnessed many times over, a failure of the defending party to undo a box breakout convincingly is always an interesting tell, for this could set up a re-break soon after, and possibly with better odds attached. So whenever the attacking parties show signs of persistence, be prepared for a second break attempt; but before hopping along, do make sure that the technical situation is favorable still, and always trade from buildup. 399 Understanding Price Aaion Entry here can be taken on the break of bar 4 with a tight stop below the 3-4 element. This is also a trade-for-failure setup in regard to the failed Mm-reversal in the 25ema. Target is the OO-level. Hawaii airlines 2016.

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