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Hawaii activities on community as method or therapy). The term covers a variety of short- and long-term residential programs as well as day treatment and ambulatory programs. See MILIEU THERAPY. therapist n. an individual who has been trained in and practices one or more types of therapy to treat mental or physical disorders or diseases: often used synonymously with psychotherapist (see PSYCHOTHERAPY). therapy n. remediation of physical, mental, or behavioral disorders or disease. Hawaii activities 2016.

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We lost a sailor between Tokyo airport and Yokohama, where the Benlawers was berthed. Some of the officers were long-term company men, a few were shipmates from earlier voyages and most had common acquaintances. I felt a bit of an outsider. In the getting-to-know-each-other conversations that took place, though, I found that my micro trip on the Benalbanach stood me in good stead. When we talked about our last ships I was able to say My last trip was on the Albanach’.

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