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Hamah Travel on This Oriental Apollo was the protector of the gates; so was the Apollo of classical Greece.1 Our discussion of Apollo’s origin has been practically confined to his geographical origin. His original nature cannot be discussed with profit, since it is too deeply wrapped in obscurity. Wherever we meet him his greatness is already so universally acknowledged that he has taken a wide variety of the aspects of human life under his wing, and it would be hard to say whether any single one of them reflects his original character. No doubt, as Wernicke suggested (p. 74 above), widely differing religious elements and minor deities had already been attracted into his orbit in a period to which our records do not reach. The most indubitable instance of Apollo having taken the place of a pre-Greek deity is provided by the festival of the Hyakinthia at Amyklai in Lakonia. Hamah Travel 2016.

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