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Hakkari Travel on Ashur-based Assyrian firms shipped Babylonian grain and textiles within their own privately owned networks to Kanesh, Syria, and Asia Minor. The best known was the House of Ashur-Imitti, which fashioned a highly organized commercial enterprise, an international import-export business in the fullest sense. Could this be history’s first recorded multinational enterprise? By strict definition, probably not, since the establishments abroad did not engage in production. However, taking a broader definition of the proto-multinational and observing that these were privately owned companies operating permanent branch offices, then yes, a very considerable step toward the multinational was indeed taken. Phoenicia. The tamkarum model became intercontinental when it was applied in the city-states of Lebanon and Syria. This strip of land was inhabited by debt-ridden Canaanite farmers who became dependent laborers in a feudal system. Hakkari Travel 2016.

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