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Haifa Travel on the clash with Apollo which ended in reconciliation), and the unwavering devotion to him of the common people. Moreover a connexion with Minoan religious customs is suggested by his cult in caves and on mountain tops (as on Mount Kyllene in Arcadia, near Patsos in Crete, on Mount Juktas in Crete and elsewhere), by his connexion with stone and pillar-cult (by no means confined to him among the Greek gods, but especially marked), and a certain connexion with tree-cults. In illustrating this Mrs. Chittenden shows that his famous staff, the caduceus, was in all probability originally of wood, and is somedmes depicted as having leaves and therefore living. She adds also his power of winged flight, claiming that it antedates his function as the divine messenger and suggests an origin in Minoan bird-epiphanies. Proceeding to concrete monumental evidence from the Bronze Age, she is able to show that a number of representations from both Mycenae and 1 Sec at present ber article The Master of Animab in Hesperia, xvi (1947), 89 ff. Fuller details will be available in her forthcoming book. Haifa Travel 2016.

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