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wings folded. l have picked sometimes a red carnation, and wisps of hay. l have sunk alone on the turf and fingered sorne old bone and thought: When the wind stoops to brush this height, may there be nothing found but a pinch of dust. (146) Sitting up late at night it seems strange not to have more control. Pigeon-holes are not then very useful. Hagatna Map 2016.

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At the same time, France founded a penal colony, to which they shipped political prisoners, criminals and female delinquents from mainland France. The place was never as notorious as the penal colony in French Guiana, Devil’s Island, and it only stayed open for forty years, but it was a cruel regime that spawned a web of smaller penal institutions. The land-grabbing that took place to build the institutions caused problems with the Kanaks, who were already upset from being excluded from the increasing Frenchification of society on the island. They were left with the choice of living on a reservation or working in the mines. There were a few revolts, including one that bordered on civil war, although the French colonial authorities finally brought the place into a state of order by gunning down any locals who acted too boisterously.

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