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Ha Giang Travel on Thus it becomes possible to discern how the new knowledge geography of area studies was linked institutionally and methodologically to attempts to deactivate and depoliticize labor movements around the world. The supposed emergence of industrial society cannot be extricated from the management of labor conflicts in the frame of a neutralized and technocratic view of development. Many authors have noted how area studies are impli- cated in the rise of post-World War II discourses and practices of development, replete with built-in temporal and spatial assumptions about progress and difference (Sanyal 2007). The very form of the state; its legitimacy in the wake of decolonization, as well as its attempts to accomplish a full national citizenship through the generalization of wage labor (and what Gramsci called industrialism) were shaped outside of the West by these discourses and practices. It was the age of the developmental state. Through the work of critical scholars such as Arturo Escobar and Wolfgang Sachs we are now well informed about the role played by the discourse of development in U.S. Ha Giang Travel 2016.

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