Guyana Country

Guyana Country on Clym decides to delay for a day in sending his warm letter to Eustacia appealing for a reconciliation. Timothy Fairways forgets to deliver the letter when he promise d, and then, when he do es deliver it, Eustacia’s grandfather puts it on the mantle-piece for her to read on the morrow. Though he caIls to her in the darkened house to tell her the letter Individual and Community in The Return of the Native 109 is there, Eustac:ia has just left for her walk through the rain first to Rainbarrow and then to throw herself into Shadwater Weir, where she drowns. TIIe episode anticipates, of course, Tess’s letter of wedding night confession to Angel that goes under his rug when she slips it under his door. In both cases an absurd contingency or series of contingencies has disastrous consequences. This happens not because of sorne malign Fate, but just through accidentaI happenstances. For Hardy, as for Derrida, a letter never, or almost never, reaches its destination. Guyana Country 2016.

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