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DIATESSARON. Mathematical-musical term the harmony of the fourth applied by Tatian a native of the East and disciple of Justin at Rome to his harmony of the four gospels. Tatian’s was neither the only nor the first attempt to present the four distinct gospel accounts in a single unitary form, but it was certainly the most successful: Guinea Metro Map due to its practical character it prevailed far and wide, both in the East, where it was the official gospel of the church of Edessa and was continually in use in churches at least until the time of Rabbula early 5th c., and in the West, though less so there. In some sense it was the first Life of Jesus, composed on the basis of the four gospels.

The Greek term Dia. tessa,rwn suggests an original Greek version: in fact, a Greek fragment of the Diatessaron was discovered at Dura Europos in 1933 ed. by Ch. Kraeling in Studies and Documents III, London 1935. In 1999, Parker and others denied that the fragment was part of the Diatessaron, but instead an independent effort to harmonize the gospels; this hypothesis was contested by Joosten 2003. It has also been asserted by some critics that this fragment is not the original, but a retranslation from Syriac P. Kahle, The Cairo Geniza, Oxford 2 1959, 295, the language in which Tatian drew up the Diatessaron as a unified gospel, prepared with liturgical and missionary intent for his native people. Since the work is lost, the possibility of reconstructing the original Diatessaron also very important for the earliest history of the gospel text is conditioned by the possibility, as yet rather uncertain, of establishing a tree of dependence and mutual influence between the various forms of gospel harmonies that have been preserved.

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