Guinea, Equatorial Map

Guinea, Equatorial Map on Big Stretch (V) Randy Walker, a.k.a. Big Stretch or Stretch, was in the rap group Live Squad, which released the EP Heartless/Murderahh on Tommy Boy Records in 1993. Two years earlier, Big Stretch (so named because of his 6′ 8 height), met Tupac Shakur (see entry) and the rappers became inseparable friends and companions. Stretch appeared on several of Tupac’s tracks including Crooked Ass Nigga, Tha’ Lunatic, Strugglin’, 5 Deadly Venomz, Stay True, Under Pressure, and God Bless the Dead. The relationship ended abruptly, however, on the night of November 30, 1994. Guinea, Equatorial Map 2016.

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