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Guide to travelling the world on Whatever the reason, in many an instance we have no choice but to step away from the initial break. Yet this doesn’t necessarily render the event totally untradable. By keeping close track of the post-breakout action, we may still be offered a chance to hop on board in second instance. Two such situations deserve our full attention. The first is when prices, after breaking out, start to cling around the broken barrier, not knowing whether to follow through or prove the break false; obviously, this is an indication of defender’s resilience, but at the same time it shows that the attacking parties are not so easily demoralized either; for as long as this fight persists (buildup), there is still a reasonable chance for the market to break away in line with the earlier break. The other situation of interest is when prices do follow through on the original breakout, but then pull back to challenge the area of the broken barrier. Either situation knows many subtle variants and all could set up a trade in line with the original break. Guide to travelling the world 2016.

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