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Guiana, French Map on His result for the month will amount to a lesser total in comparison with his more consistent fellow trader, simply because he had no profits to compound in the first three weeks of the month. As we can see, the possible variations on the compounding theme are practically infinite and all will show different results. (Think: also of losing weeks and having to lower volume on the next week.) In other words, playing around with the calculator can be fun, but it is highly recommended not to indulge in silly fantasies on future riches. Moreover, once the practical advantages of compounding are established, my advice would be to fully discard this tool. Not only is it unrealistic to project hypothetical gains into the future, should the weekly objectives not be met, this may add an unwelcome element of stress and frustration. Much more useful is to concentrate on improving consistency first; the rest will follow by itself. Guiana, French Map 2016.

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