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Guangdong Travel on ,, probably to circumscribe them too much. They belong as a class not to any particular locality but rather to a stage of culture. Our subject is the Greeks, and for us therefore it is sufficient to notice that they existed on every hand in the Aegean basin when the Greeks arrived there. Their character may be generally des-scribed as that of a male spirit of fertility who by his virility will impregnate the earth that is to bear the crops and give fecundity to the animals. In this way his life entered into them, their life was his own, and so by an easy transference (for we are speaking of days before the development of nice logical distinctions) he was identified with them. We have seen that he was imagined in the forms both of a bull1 and of a young man. He was also (as may be more plainly seen in the case of his famous Egyptian counterpart Osiris and others) identified with the life of the crops. Guangdong Travel 2016.

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