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Greenland Country on lI Nor does it mean that we should not concern ourselves with Conrad’s relevance to our globalized political and economic situation today. It is hard to read Nostromo and not think of the long sad history, before and after Conrad wrote that novel, of United States intervention in South America, or even of our recent intervention, governed as it has been by material interests, in Iraq and Afghanistan. 1 shall have more to say about these analogies. Dick Cheney, the erstwhile CEO of the global transnational corporation Halliburton, is a twenty-first century version of the American capitalist Holroyd in Nostromo. It could be argued that Cheney to some degree lowered himself by becoming a mere Vice President of the United States, though as Vice President he remained to some degree still the agent of Halliburton and other such material interests. His business expertise also meant that he and the rest of the George W. Bush administration ran the United States government as mu ch as they could in the same way that Fastow and Kenneth Lay ran Enron. Greenland Country 2016.

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