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Greece travel on The officer worked his way around a stack of amplifiers and from twenty feet away killed the crazed gunman with a single shotgun blast. It was later determined that Gale had fired over 20 bullets in the three minutes of carnage and had 35 rounds remaining. Patrolman Niggemeyer was honored by the National Rifle Association as the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year 2005. Numerous tributes from fans and fellow-guitarists followed in the wake of Dimebag’s murder. Days after the tragedy, former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo issued a tearful statement in which he professed his love for the fallen guitarist and reached out to survivor Vinnie Paul. Despite his overture, Anselmo was blocked by the Abbott family from attending Dimebag’s funeral. Ironically, the mother of killer Nathan Gale told authorities that prior to her son’s diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia she had bought him the 9mm semiautomatic in pride over his military service. Greece travel 2016.

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