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Greater Accra Travel on Just hurry up about it. She bent over, wondering what in God’s name she was planning to do, slowly removing her left shoe and tossing it casually aside, thinking she was out of her mind, she didn’t have a chance, he would kill her for sure, then moving to her right foot, knowing she only had seconds left, lifting the black flat off her foot, making a motion as if tossing the shoe aside, instead gripping it tightly, then hurling it with all her strength toward the gun in his hand. She missed completely. Oh God, she moaned. Oh my God. But the sudden action caught Rick Ferguson by surprise, and he jumped back in alarm. What the hell should she do now? Could she push past him toward the front door? Could she possibly survive a jump from a third-floor window? Did she have the strength to disarm him? It was too late. Greater Accra Travel 2016.

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