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Great vacation spots on But let’s cut to the chase. We’re both too busy for trivialities. Follies and foibles are part and parcel of all our lives, but are writ large for those in show biz. Their misadventures serve but a single purpose in this tome … to swell a scene, to serve as props to the final curtain close the act of unnatural death at the hands of another. Great vacation spots 2016.

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There was no one else missing. I marshalled the herd towards the check-in desks, sending a cadet to tell the officers to finish their heart-starters and join us. We stood in a ragged crocodile, me at the front, the senior officers behind, then the other officers and the rest of the crew, stretching back across the departure hall. A posse of porters stood alongside, guarding all the luggage. Over the course of a painful ninety minutes, the checking-in was completed.

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