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Great tourist destinations on Even when adhering to a more conservative mode of operation, it can be a fine line between acting prematurely and acting too late; the market is certainly not always so kind as to grant us the most effective entry if only we be patient. There is little point also in arguing over which approach is the statistically more viable, for all is a matter of perception within the situation at hand. From where we stand, we can generally label an entry more aggressive than conservative when there is relatively little buildup involved prior to the break. Situation 2 in Figure 2 . 6 nicely demonstrates what exactly it is that we aim to avoid when waiting for buildup. The downtrend a-d is basically a mirror image of the earlier bull trend in Situation 1 , but this time the pullback reversal played itself out a little differently. Techni- 24 Chapter 2 Price Action Principles-Theory cally seen, the level of b once again presented itself as the most likely candidate for a possible turnaround (a 50/60 percent retracement in an area of former support, now resistance), but an immediate short at point e would have put an aggressive bull in serious trouble before the actual turn set in. Great tourist destinations 2016.

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